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Xpressdisplays works every day for sustainable growth and with environmental concerns

At the beginning of 2019 Poster Digital started a path that is based whenever possible on solutions that are ecological and environmentally friendly, this is our biggest motto and our way of thinking and acting.

Environmental sustainability is our biggest goal and our biggest focus, to be as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. The reduction of the ecological footprint through the use of recycled materials, use of green energies, circular and local economy and mainly the reuse of waste and materials. It is a priority!

In 2023 we achieved one of our goals, the Environmental Certification – ISO 14001.

This certificate provides requirements for the most effective management aspects of each business, taking into account environmental protection, pollution prevention as well as legal compliance and socio-economic needs. It is with great happiness and pride that we received this certificate.

After receiving this certificate, we gain even more certainty that we walk every day in the right direction, with a baggage full of pride and with the enormous certainty that this will be our and hopefully your future!

Every day we work to help make the world a better place, and it always will be!

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