Tex Wave Straight 3D Wall

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  • Estrutura tubular de alumínio;
  • Estampado em tecido Print Tex All 210gr por sublimação, laterais e costas em tecido elástico preto, com fecho de correr;
  • Possibilidade de impressão em ambos os lados;
  • Bolsa de transporte incluída;
  • Fácil de montar, transportar e armazenar;
  • Possibilidade de colocar um foco;
  • Uso interno;
  • Tecido com Classificação de Fogo FR – B1;


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Tex Wave Straight 3D Wall – Tex Wave Straight 3D Wall t is a three-dimensional aluminum tubular structure (it is about 35cm deep), compact and lightweight, which adapts to the most diverse situations as an advertising display.

Create a robust 6m long wall in your booth or space.

It allows you to customize and decorate your spaces, making your communication dynamic. Besides the front print of this display, you can also opt for front and back print.

It comes with a nylon bag for easy transportation and storage.

The printing is of excellent quality, so the visibility and perception of the communication displayed will be optimal.

The simplified mounting system makes it possible to quickly change the fabric on the tubular display. If you already have the frame, simply order the fabric. The fabrics are washable.

Ideal for congresses, stands, conferences, sports events, advertising events, trade show booths, and others.