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The XpressDisplays by Poster Digital, having as main objective to be responsible and friendly with the environment, now has available to its customers a new Recycled Fabric for digital printing, wanting to be referenced in the market as a “Sustainable Company”.

In the “Age of Plastic” where millions of tons of plastic are made from oil or natural gas, they are used to manufacture a lot of products that are essential for everyday life. But at the same time, plastic products cause enormous environmental pollution when discarded. Being so, a relevant amount is spilling into the oceans causing pollution of marine and human life.

What can we do?

Recycled PET fabric: PET is the world’s most recycled plastic, 100% polyester produced from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging. It saves natural resources and gives life to new materials that would otherwise be wasted or inappropriately dumped in streets, oceans, rivers and forests.

Increasingly, recycling has a positive impact on CO2 emissions: every tonne of PET recycled saves 3 tonnes of greenhouse gases. According to a Swiss study, this corresponds to the total emissions of an average car in one year. In addition, around 50% of energy is saved in the production of new products from recycled PET.

What is Recycled Fabric?

Recycled Fabric – is a high quality recycled polyester yarn made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and ocean-caught plastic, thus helping to preserve natural resources and reduce waste in the planet’s water.

Be our customer who supports this cause and use our recycled fabric. Together we will make a difference for our Planet.

Examples of marketing action projects developed with Recycled PET Fabric (decoration, display solutions such as bags, aprons, totes…) is a way to join the fight for the preservation of life on the planet and for social causes. Add eco-value to your brand and product

Consuming recycled products means improving the quality of life, offering balance to the environment and a new opportunity to recover and contribute to the preservation of the future of the planet for our children and new generations.

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